23. March 2017


B13: Slides of the presentations (PDF format) for day 1 and day 2

Day 1 in chronological order

Martin Stratmann, “Welcome and Opening”
Colleen Campbell, “Introduction of participants”
Ralf Schimmer, “OA2020 progress and outlook”

Country reports
Jun Adachi: Japan
Ingrid Kissling-Näf: Switzerland
Virginia Barbour: Australia, no slides available
Bernhard Mittermaier: Germany

Dirk Pieper, “A new grip on publication data as essential instrument for the transformation”
Kai Karin Geschuhn, “How to work from subscriptions agreements to OA business models”
Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, “Can we afford to go Gold? Can we afford not to?”

Salvatore Mele, no slides available
Ralf Schimmer, “OA2020 proposal”

Day 2 in chronological order

Ulrich Pöschl, “Welcome and opening”
Daniel Spichtinger, “Declaration of support for OA2020 from the European Commission”
Gerard Meijer, “Introductory remarks and status report”
Louise Page,  Overview keynote: “Development of a sustainable Open Access market”

Salvatore Mele, “The experience of SCOAP3”
Steven Hall & Brigitte Kromp, “Two perspectives on offsetting from one of the earliest experiments: Austria and IOP Publishing”
Johan Rooryck & Saskia de Vries, “A transition to Fair Open Access: LingOA, MathOA, PsyOA”
John Willinsky, no slides available

Sabina Leonelli, “OA2020 from the perspective of the OSPP”
Paul Peters, “OA2020 from an OA publisher’s perspective”
Barbara Kalumenos, “OA2020 from the perspective of the STM Association”
Lidia Borrell-Damián, “OA2020 from the perspective of the European University Association”