15. September 2016

B13 Conference

13th Berlin Open Access Conference

B U I L D I N G  C A P A C I T Y  F O R  T H E  T R A N S F O R M A T I O N
Berlin, 21–22 March 2017

© Georg Botz, Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-SA)

The 13th Berlin Open Access Conference brought together more than 200 delegates from all continents of the globe to share experiences and perspectives on the large-scale transformation of scholarly journals from subscription to open access. Building on consensus reached at the previous meeting, Berlin 13 provided all stakeholders in the scholarly communications community with an opportunity to discuss progress of the OA2020 Initiative and plans for the next, capacity building and activity phases in the transition.

Day 1 of Berlin 13 was a closed meeting of signatories of the OA2020 ‘Expression of Interest’ along with observers and supporters from the academic domain, while Day 2, open to the community at large, offered broader perspectives from a number of stakeholders in support of the principles of OA2020 and complementary concepts of transformation.