2. November 2017




Upcoming Events

17 November

St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, St. Petersburg, Russia, https://new.culturalforum.ru

«OpenAccess: new cultural publications, information access and security» Education Round Table,
Colleen Campbell, OA2020 Partner Development

22 November

12th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing, Tromsø, Norway, http://site.uit.no/muninconf/?page_id=926

“It’s the workflows, stupid! What is required to make “offsetting” work for the open access transition”
Kai Karin Geschuhn, Max Planck Digital Library


Focus on Open Science Road Show

20 November

Vienna, AT


22 November

Budapest, H


24 November

Ljubljana, SI


List of past events.


OA2020 Workshops

Following successful workshops in South Africa, Brazil and at the Max Planck Digital Library offices in Munich, Germany, we are pleased to help coordinate and support workshops and webinars to define transformational strategies and roadmaps in local contexts. Please contact us for more information.


Berlin Open Access Conference Series

Berlin Declaration, 2003, Berlin, Germany

Berlin 2, 2004, Genf, Switzerland

Berlin 3, 2005, Southampton, England

Berlin 4, 2006, Potsdam, Germany

Berlin 5, 2007, Padua, Italy

Berlin 6, 2008, Düsseldorf, Germany

Berlin 7, 2009, Paris, France

Berlin 8, 2010, Beijing, China

Berlin 9, 2011, Washington D.C., United States

Berlin 10, 2012, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Berlin 11, 2013, Berlin, Germany

Berlin 12, 2015, Berlin, Germany

Berlin 13, 2017, Berlin, Germany