6. July 2023

B16 Posters

16th Berlin Open Access Conference

Poster session at B16
Photo: © CC-BY-SA Georg Botz

Transformative cost-sharing model in Austria
Rita Pinhasi, Brigitte Kromp
University of Vienna, Austria

Open Access in Brazil
Andréa Vieira, Bárbara Alencar
CAPES, Brazil

Open access transition at the Max Planck Society
Max Planck Digital Library
Max Planck Society, Germany

Democratizing Education and Research Platforms and initiatives from India
Sudeshna Sarkar
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Enabling Open Access at CERN, almost at 100%!
Anne Gentil-Beccot, Alexander Kohls, Kamran Naim

Open Access the Italian way: Strategies and Politics
Francesca Rossi, Nino Grizzuti
CRUI, Italy

Negotiations for TAs by JUSTICE
JUSTICE (Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources), Japan

Japanese Open Access initiative by a group of universities
Amane Koizumi
National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan

The TA journey in Portugal: Year 1 report
Joana Novais, Simone Zacarias, Miguel Andrade, João Mendes Moreira
FCCN, Portugal

Slovenia’s Open Access Efforts
Dunja Legat, Maja Vihar, Luka Šušteršič, Herman Erčulj
Konzorcij COSEC, Slovenia

Progress of Open Access Transition in South Korea
Seoul National University
South Korea

Ongoing Publication Transformation under Crue-CSIC Transformative Agreements in Spain
Agnès Ponsati, Raúl Aguilera Ortega, Ignasi Labastida
B16 Spanish delegation