7. December 2018

Report, Statements and Press

14th Berlin Open Access Conference


Conference Report (updated 13 December 2018)


Jussieu Call

OA2020 Mainland China Signatory Libraries Discussed a Response ToPlan S Guidance on Implementation
English version | Chinese version


31 December 2018   eurodoc, Gareth O’Neill   Enabling Open Access via Transformative Agreements

30 December 2018   OpenAIRE, Mojca Kotar   International alignment across open access initiatives, funders and research organisations for a complete and immediate open access

18 December 2018   Associazione Italiana per la Scienza Aperta, Maria Chiara Pievatolo   Fra il dire e il fare: la XIV conferenza di Berlino sull’open accesss (in Italian)

11 December 2018   Elena Giglia   Report da Berlin14 – Aligning strategies to enable Open Access (in Italian)

10 December 2018   Ryoo Joon Young   Korea, Japan and China aligned for Open Access (in Korean)

10 December 2018   Return on academic research   Svezia-Italia 1-0. Berlino 2018: Italia fanalino di coda nell’Open Science (in Italian)

08 December 2018   infoDOCKET/LIBRARY JOURNAL, Gary Price   Report and Presentations From the 14th Berlin Open Access Conference

07 December 2018   Stockholm University, President’s blog   Open Access 2020 – a new global direction

06 December 2018   Nature   China backs bold plan to tear down journal paywalls

06 December 2018   Süddeutsche Zeitung   Zukunft der Forschung (in German)

04 December 2018   Max Planck Society   Press release

04 December 2018  Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften   Rückblick zur “14th Berlin Open Access Conference 2018”