This is the registration for the second conference day (March 22), which is open to all interested parties.

Please note:

  • Registration will be closed either on March 07 or if the maximum number of participants is reached.
  • Due to the limited capacity of the conference hall, we kindly ask you not to register more than 2 delegates per institution/company. In case you register more than 2 delegates, the additional registrants will be put on a waiting list and we will inform you until March 10 whether they can attend the conference or not.
  • Only the second day of the conference (March 22) is open to the public. In case you are from an academic institution and would like to attend the first day also, please contact us at scip-office[at]

The online registration form requires JavaScript to be turned on.

In case the online registration below does not work, please use this registration form (PDF file). View it with the Adobe Reader in order to edit it.


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